The Cars - The Passion - A Lifetime


Giles Cooper Drifting

Upon leaving school in 1964 I went to work in Fleet Street, London EC4 (The street of ink as I recall) as a black and white printer. At this time all my mates had interesting cars such as MG TC - TD - TF - Morgan - Healey - TVR - Mini Cooper etc. We would gather at our local pub car park after the usual dare devil journey with tales of how fast such and such bend had just been taken at ... totally crazy times for a young man in the 60's! I had however had a very thorough grounding in the art of black and white printing and photography which was put to use with my passion for Motor Sport, some of which are shown on this web site. This grounding in the use of a camera has paid dividends throughout the years as it has evolved to the present day digital era.